श्री निषादराज अखण्डानन्द महाविद्यालय

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Welcome to Shri Nishadraj Akhan- danand Mahavidyalaya, an institution of academic excellence, established in 2008. Here you will learn how to think, not what to think. You will learn to express yourself with confidence and clarity in speech and writing. You will be encouraged to express your ideas openly in classroom discussions, global affairs and other venues. Your learning experience will combine breadth with depth.You will be encouraged to challenge ideas and to think creatively. There are many further innovations which are now on the anvil like regular classroom sessions, college owned competency based assessment, student centric education, the knowledge centre in the city, etc.We at Shri Nishadraj Akhandanand Mahavidyalaya, believe in providing you holistic education. Apart from academics and professional training, we support your overall development. The industry today not only seeks young professionals with strong academic and professional skills, but also those who have proactive personalities with leadership qualities. It encourages talent, creative thinking and personal accomplishments. At the College we provide you with an opportunity to transform your personality to become a fully self-expressed person….Read more

Manager's Message

Shri Bhavanipher

Our Mission

The institute visualizes itself to become an institute of excellence in field of education, by focusing on quality education and by training the students for entrepreneurship and motivating them to become innovators and leaders with intensive work cultural. ” Shri Nishadraj Akhandanand Mahavidyalaya, vision’s “to make itself synonymous with learning”. We, at Shri Nishadraj Akhandanand Mahavidyalaya, believe that colleges, the temples of learning shall not stagnate as exaggerated tutorials offering shortsighted courses. We envisage a role for ourselves as a centre of higher learning where we cherish, nurture and disseminate knowledge and thereby establish ourselves as pioneers in “man making education”